DALLAS Dallas ISD parents continue to voice concerns about transportation issues for students in this first week of school, including a loophole in the law that doesn't require contracted vehicles to use child safety restraints, like booster seats.

Vans, sedans and even taxis are now shuttling about 2,500 DISD students to and from class, four times the number of kids subject to alternative transportation last year.

Some parents told News 8 they were surprised to learn that the non-bus vehicles are exempted from child safety restraint requirements.

Tracey Holt said her children were eligible for the program, but she won't let them go school in a taxi or other vehicle without a child safety seat.

"That's a problem, because I get a ticket if I don't have a car seat and I get pulled over," Holt said. "You know safety is first. Anything can happen if they were in an accident, and if my kid didn't have a seat belt that would be another problem."

Late Wednesday, Dallas County Schools said booster seats are available for children when requested or deemed necessary.


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