ARLINGTON Fans arriving for the first Dallas Cowboys preseason home game ran into a brand new defensive line big bags have been sacked by the NFL starting this season.

"Annoying, because I like to carry a bigger bag," said Yvonne Harris as she arrived at AT&T Stadium on Saturday evening.

No more big purses, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, luggage, computer bags or camera bags just about anything that doesn't fit into your pockets (or a small clutch) must now be toted into the stadium in clear plastic bags the size of a gallon Ziploc bag or smaller.

That means your belongings will be visible to security and to thousands of fellow fans.

"I don't like it, because I have to carry my son's Pampers and stuff," griped Carla Rivera.

"I've got lipstick, my phone, an inhaler for my daughter," said Melody Kroll. "Nothing embarrassing, so it's all good!"

"I've got nothing to hide," Angela Patterson added as she went through the security line. "It's fine."

The league is enforcing the new rule as a matter of safety. Most people we talked to said they prefer security over fashion (though the two aren't always mutually exclusive).

"I'm cool with it. If the NFL is trying to keep me safer, I am good with that," said Angela Patterson as she went through the security line, holding up her tote emblazoned with a Cowboys logo. "It's a cute bag!"

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