New charges are surfacing that officers under the direction of Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins searched a Highland Park home without a search warrant.

4433 Bordeaux Avenue is a house listed in property records as belonging to wealthy heir Al Hill III. Watkins has charged Hill got a loan on the house illegally.

Hill's attorneys are alleging officers of D.A. Watkins searched the house without a warrant on Feb. 21 of this year. The search was allegedly corroborated by a Highland Park police officer.

According to documents filed in that case, no one was home, furniture appeared to have been moved, correspondence was removed from drawers, and a DVR was missing.

Wednesday, the Dallas County Grand Jury issued a subpoena for George Milner, one of Hill's attorneys, to appear before the grand jury on Monday and produce reams of documents.

Milner's attorney, Pete Schulte, filed a motion to quash the subpoena. His motion accuses Watkins of an abuse of power.

A judge has ordered Schulte not to talk about it.

This is all related to a bigger contempt case against Watkins, which convenes Friday -- a case where lawyers have lawyers, judges have lawyers, and allegedly, lawyers have judges.


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