FRISCO A suspicious early morning fire Thursday marks the fifth in Frisco s Grayhawk Subdivision since May 20.

The tone from officials is growing in urgency Frisco's fire and police chiefs joined Mayor Maher Maso at the Frisco Fire Department to appeal to residents to call police regarding any suspicious activity they observe in the area.

"We're confident that we will catch this coward, whoever that may be, who is causing these fires," Maso said.

Of the five suspicious fires, two involved homes under construction, one happened at an unoccupied home that was for sale, and another was a vehicle fire.Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland declined to comment on whether the department had any leads or whether they're even connected.

"All we can say now is ... this fire today was ruled as suspicious, the other two residential fires were ruled as intentionally set," Piland said. Clearly, the fires in that neighborhood is unusual, there's no question about that."

The State Fire Marshal's Office and the city of Denton are aiding in the investigation.

Mark Nunn is the homeowner who nearly lost his home this morning as the fire burned with him in inside.

The more I think about it, it's like attempted murder, Nunn said. They're trying to burn a house with people in it.

The police aren't going that far and say they will pursue felony arson charges if an arrest is made.

The damage to Nunn's house was minimal thanks to police who are now heavily patrolling the subdivision.They quickly spotted the fire and starting putting it out themselves until firefighters arrived.

Otherwise Nunn's home may have looked like his neighbor's across the street, which was heavily damaged by an arson fire earlier this week.

I went up in the attic today and I could definitely smell smoke in the attic, Nunn said.

This fire is the first time someone has been home at the time.Nunn says the whole entire neighborhood is on edge and on guard.

How will he respond?

"Just real good defense.Being extremely watchful, Nunn said.

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