When it's hot, no one feels like cooking over a hot stove (much less cooking at all).

So we turned to our good friends at Sprinkles for a cool treat that takes less than 60 seconds to prepare.

Kristyn Summerlin, general manager at Sprinkles in Dallas, visited News 8 Daybreak Saturday with the perfect recipe for a Cupcake Sundae.

Pioneered by Sprinkles, we combine two of your favorite desserts cupcakes and ice cream into one, mouthwatering indulgence!


  • Cupcakes
  • Ice cream


  1. Select your favorite cupcake flavor (mine is Red Velvet).
  2. Remove the cupcake wrapper.
  3. Gently twist the cupcake top from the cupcake bottom (practice this so you know how to do it without breaking the top!).
  4. Pop the bottom into a wide glass or a dish and scoop out a heaping, creamy scoop of Sprinkles Ice Cream.
  5. Affix the top of the cupcake to the sundae.

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