LOL, TTYL, BFF. Do you know the language of texting?

For some, this is a definite yes; but for others, it's a good time to make sure you are in the know.

Remember the acronym P.S. at the bottom of a written letter? It means post script - or in other words, "oh yeah, before I go.

Well, in today's texting world, there are many new acronyms. Common ones that most people know are:

LOL or "laughing out loud"
How about TTYL, which means "talk to you later.
Apparently, goodbye is not enough in today's world of texting.

Since the beginning of text language, some say around 1994, the phrases have grown and grown and grown. Today, texting is the most widely used mobile data service.

How many acronyms are there? Well one website provided a list that s approximately 41 pages long. New acronyms are popping up all the time.

Here s a little test, see how you do:

a. Parents are wondering
b. Parents are working
c. Parents are worrying
d. Parents are watching

a. Brothers are bothering (me)
b. Be right back
c. Bring your body
d. Boys are bad

a. For what it's worth
b. Fighting within Warcraft
c. Forgot where I was
d. Forget who is winning

What do the following text language letters meaning: UGTBK, ATM, CYA or IDK.

These phrases are important because this language is being used daily by hundreds of thousands of people. For parents, you ll want to keep up with what s fresh and code words for trouble.

PAW-d., BRB-b, FWIW-a&c


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