SAN ANTONIO -- There s a house in the 300 block of Palfrey Street, on the southeast side of town, that could be argued has the appearance of a hoarder's home: stacks of lawn chairs, an early 1980s Chevrolet van and multiple dogs.

Usually, it s never polite to make it one's business to talk about how a neighbor tends to his or her own backyard. However, Christina Martinez has made one person's yard her business.

Martinez s soon-to-be mother-in-law lives next to the house in question.

Martinez said while barbecuing on Independence Day with her family, she noticed a dog next door covered in ticks and fleas. So, she then took it upon herself and called Animal Care Services to report the dog's owner.

"They [said] they would contact the cruelty team andthey would send somebody out here. And the very nextday, on Friday, they sent someone out here," Martinez said. "But whenI came back later that day, the dogs were still here.

As it turned out, ACS issued the homeowner a 24-hour warning.

That puts theowner on notice: We've been out here, we understandthat there may be some issues out here, you need tocorrect those issues, said ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood.

Despite the intervention, the dog passed away over the weekend, before ACS would return.

On Monday, Martinez said the owner covered the carcass with an empty bag an empty bag of dog food.

Due to myriad reasons, Norwood said the ACS crews never made it back for the 24-hour deadline. Crews wouldn't make it back to the house until Monday evening.

KENS 5 attempted to contact the owner of the deceased dog but no one answered the door.

If an investigation proves more could have been done by the owner to prevent the dog's death, it's possible the owner could face animal cruelty charges.

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