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FORT WORTH Wounded Granbury police officer Chad Davis was released after three nights in a Fort Worth hospital Monday afternoon.

Davis was shot in the upper right arm during a gun battle Friday with Ricky Don McCommas, a sexual assault suspect who was killed after wounding two officers on Friday. The rifle round went through the top of Davis' arm and out his back.

The officer was released from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital at about 5 p.m. He didn't answer any questions, but did offer a smile to reporters as he left the hospital.

Granbury Police Chief Mitch Galvan said Officer Davis acted heroically, drawing the gunman's attention when he saw civilians potentially in the line of fire.

"[Davis] moved away and the suspect started coming toward him, and that's when everybody started engaging [the suspect] and he started engaging the officers," Galvan said. "What he did was just phenomenal. The thought process that he went to -- recognizing the problem with the people in the background, and having to divert the attention."

Galvan said, in all, six officers fired at McCommas.

Moments before Davis was hit, McCommas was suspected of shooting Hood County Sgt Lance McLean. McLean died the next day from a head wound.

Galvan said one of the reasons Officer Davis wanted to leave the hospital so quickly was because he wanted to attend McLean's funeral Tuesday in Hico.


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