DALLAS Dallas police Cpl. Patty Carter can't believe it's been one year.

She lost her son, Jeremy Price, to an alleged drunk driver on Memorial Day weekend in 2012.

"He missed Christmas, he missed his birthday, and we missed everything with him," said Carter.

A man suspected of driving while intoxicated was driving over 70 miles per hour and ran a red light. Price was killed, and two other passengers a friend and her son were severely injured.

Police have charged Mathew Moore with manslaughter, and he is currently sitting in the Dallas County jail awaiting trial.

"The life you had before, it no longer exists," the grieving mother said. "You start a whole new life, and that's the life you live without your child."

On Friday, family and friends gathered to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Jeremy Price's death. They also dedicated a sign that sits at the intersection of Corinth and Ervay streets in Dallas.

"This sign will save somebody's life. Jeremy's life had to be taken so a lot of people's lives could be saved," said his cousin, Marquis Barnes.

Patty Carter is also pushing for legislation that would put proper notification in bars alerting people to the dangers and ramifications of drunk driving. The House bill, which she hopes will be called the "Jeremy DeMarcus Price Act," is currently being discussed in the Senate.


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