Cheryl Webb, "The Realtor with Red Shoes," joined News 8 Daybreak Wednesday morning to share 10 home seller and buyer tips.


  1. Make sure your home has the best foot forward the first day it goes on the market, which means its squeaky clean and staged to sell, including updating if possible, which should bring a quick top dollar offer.
  2. Make sure your home has extensive internet coverage, not just in MLS, and professional photographs for best showing results. Selling is a numbers game on showings and homes get weeded out of showings all the time due to mediocre photos or lack of exposure.
  3. Price your home as high as possible for maximum sales price and return on investment while keeping an eye on the potential appraisal value as an equally important factor so that the sale does not collapse down the road prior to closing and leave you holding the bag. Use a competent, experienced Realtor to determine these important numbers.
  4. Maximize your final net at the end of the process by using a Realtor who is a strong negotiator as you move through contract, option and repair negotiation processes. Typically homes sold By Owner lose much more in profit than if they had used an expert to handle their sale, and homes sold by Realtors typically bring up to an 18 percent increase in sales price.
  5. Have a move in place, which is especially tricky in today s competitive market. Be sure to educate yourself in all areas of interest prior to listing your home and be ready to make an offer if there is a home you like immediately when your home goes under contract. Also, have an alternate plan in place in case you need to make a short term interim move until you find a home you love.


  1. Make sure you are really ready to move: That minimally your current home is already under contract or your apartment lease is about to expire or is on a month-to-month basis as no sellers are going to wait for you in this market.
  2. Get fully approved, not just pre-approved, by a lender you are familiar with - know where their office is located, know someone who has used them and has been pleased - so that your offer is perceived as less risky than most others and so that the loan paperwork ultimately gets delivered in timely fashion to close.
  3. Do your homework: Make sure you are familiar with the areas that offer homes in your price range and what that price home typically looks like in regard to size, amenities, special features etc. to ensure that you are educated enough to instantly recognize a good one in that area for the price as those go fast and don t allow for time to think it over in today s rapid sales market.
  4. Work with an aggressive Realtor who will commit to researching areas and getting you in the door as soon as it lists. Or, even before, we often know of properties coming ahead so you don t lose out.
  5. Be prepared to make a clean, attractive offer and work with an experienced Realtor who can help you craft a winning offer as the best homes are getting multiple offers quickly now, and there are many small details that can make your offer better than others that don t have to do with sales price.
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