The bells rang out at Park Cities Baptist Church on Monday night to honor Stanley Wilson, the veteran Dallas firefighter who was killed battling a condominium fire on Monday morning. The song was coming from the steeple that towers over the sanctuary where Wilson worshiped.

The melody was "Amazing Grace."

"You have in your mind what you think a firefighter is all about. He was the real deal," said Park Cities Baptist Church Senior pastor Dr. Jeff Warren. "He was a public servant. It came from who he was... his character."

That one word "character" kept being used to describe Wilson. It must have defined him.

"He had character, he believed in character," said David Ochoa, who lead a Boy Scout troop with Wilson. They were also good friends.

"He was planning a trip to Colorado next week. He invited me to go," Ochoa said. "He believed in right and wrong, and things needed to be right. He didn't falter ever in his beliefs."

"He was a very, very, very good father," Ochoa said of his friend..

Wilson was the troop quartermaster for Boy Scout Troop 890 in Dallas, based in the Lake Highlands area. Ochoa said that meant Wilson was responsible for logistics.

"He kept the Scouts fed and hydrated," he explained. "And he had their tent stakes, too... anything we didn't think of, Stanley did."

Friends said when you look at Wilson's sons you see a father who he lived right.

"I guess the best ways to talk about Stan and Jenny are to talk about their boys who are selfless leaders, just quiet servants," Warren said. "A quiet family that just serves and loves others."

Stanley's wife Jenny is a nurse at Children's Medical Center. Their oldest son, Noah, is an Eagle Scout. Both boys are in the youth choir at Park Cities Baptist.

On Monday night, Warren said the youth choir went to the Wilsons' home to pray and sing.

"Now it's left to us to serve them, to come around this family... that's what a church does," Warren said. "We'll love them well, but we'll grieve with them, because it's a sad day for us here at our church."


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