CLEBURNE -- Chainsaws, generators, and hammers echo across Cleburne as residents start to clean up from three tornadoes.

Mayor Scott Cain said the National Weather Service labeled them EF-3's, with 140 mph winds.

Dillion Grisham, 10, said he was hiding beneath pillows in the bathtub with his grandma when the ceiling fell in on them. Their roof disappeared.

"I was just quiet," the boy said. "I just closed my eyes and prayed."

Then, his dad kicked in the bathroom door and grabbed them.

"It was awesome," Dillion said. "Like The tornado was the bad guy, and my dad was the hero."

Neighbor Beth Selby was hiding in her tub next door.

"It was like, we're eating Hamburger Helper and watching 'The Simpsons,' and the next thing you know, there's a tornado in my house," she said, with an exasperated sigh.

Officials estimate 600 homes were damaged. Of those, about 30 appear to be destroyed.

The largest tornado in Cleburne was measured at more than half-a-mile wide. Mayor Cain said there were no deaths, or even serious injuries, because the National Weather Service and the media gave residents plenty of time to hide.

The storms were so powerful they dropped a U-haul trailer in the backyard of Kurt and Meghan Richardson. A U-Haul dealer is about a half-mile away.

Cleburne enacted a dusk-to-dawn curfew in damaged areas. There will no school Friday. Damage is still being assessed at Gerrard Elementary and Smith Middle schools.

Storm survivors are getting help from volunteers, including meals delivered by the Church of Christ of West, Texas.

"And so they come up the way up to Cleburne to help us out -- it was just so appreciated," Kurt Richardson said.


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