Why is Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles getting so much push back from African Americans on his plan to hold principals more accountable, and potentially fire some?

He says strong leadership will improve failing campuses. But some have already called for Miles' resignation.

Joining host Jason Whitely this week is the Reverend Dr. Ronald Jones with New Hope Baptist Church. He's also the outgoing mayor of Garland. Plus, the Reverend Gerald Britt, who runs the non-profit organization CitySquare. And joining the questioning is Gromer Jeffers, political writer with The Dallas Morning News.

On today's Flashpoint, the deadly attack in Benghazi. Congressional hearings last week reignited the issue. Republicans say it is all about finding the truth, but Democrats say it jump-started the 2016 presidential run -- and they call it a smear campaign against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who might be a candidate.

From the right, Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer joins us. And from the left, former state representative Domingo Garcia.

And on the Roundtable, most Texans want term limits in Austin. But the issue appears dead for this legislative session. It begs the question, should we have a governor who can run forever?

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