Imagine a keyboard that will virtually fits in your pocket and only requires a flat surface to work. It sounds like a Jetson-type of equipment, but it is reality. The little device with such power is the Celluon Magic Cube.

It is a virtual keyboard. All you need is a flat, smooth, opaque type of surface.
It is a Bluetooth device that projects a virtual keyboard. It will work for almost any device that has Bluetooth capabilities, like your iPhone, iPad, android, smartphones, windows devices or even laptops.

The Magic Cube is super-duper easy to set up. Start by charging the magic cube up with the USB cable that comes with it. Then turn the magic cube on...button is on the back.

When the Magic Cube is turned on, the keyboard projected is red. Moderate sized for the average hand. You cannot adjust the size of the keyboard. If it is too big, the keys won t work. The keyboard has to be positioned to project on a flat smooth surface. I tried it on the bed and on an uneven did not work. The surface will need to be opaque as well.

Now for the device you want to pair the Magic Cube with will require going into settings on your iPad, tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer with Bluetooth capability. No Bluetooth, no virtual keyboard. Turn the Bluetooth on. Your device will search for Celluon. Pair it by selecting Celluon and wait for the two to synch up. Once they are paired, it will work just fine.

To adjust the sound level, press and hold the FN key and the up or down arrows.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the keyboard. The FN key and then the left or right arrow keys will increase or decrease the sensitivity of the keys to the touch.

You can also switch between the keyboard and mouse mode, SO you don t need real mouse if that is what you use. It can be a little challenge

The Magic Cube cost from $90 to $109 on Amazon, but can cost as much as $199.

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