DALLAS First came a Dallas City Council member's plea for young men to pull up their saggy pants.

Now there's a new effort to get women to cover up.

Community activist Ona Marie, who worked on the pants campaign, wants ladies to dress for respect.

Short shorts, low-cut tops and revealing looks can send a strong message the wrong one, Marie said.

She worries that women can end up in compromising and unsafe positions, in part, because of their attire.

"It's basically exploiting body parts, is what causes danger," Marie said.

Maria Garcia, community liason with Dallas schools, says covering up is a simple and smart choice one that makes young ladies feel good.

"You gotta love yourself as a woman... you gotta love yourself," she said.

We asked WFAA viewers about the "Calling All Ladies" appeal on our Facebook page Should women cover up?

Debra Lynn said yes... but it's none of her business to tell others how to dress and the government needs to butt out.

While Yvette Outhey said too many young people do not dress for success and respect on a daily basis. She suggests saving the provocative outfits for the clubs.

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