HOUSTON A small Delta jet ran off the tarmac at Hobby Airport just before sunrise early Monday.

No injuries were reported.

Aerial views from Air 11 showed the passenger jet partially sitting the grass. Several rescue vehicles surrounded it.

According to a passenger, Flight 4302 was scheduled to depart Hobby at 6 a.m. and land in Atlanta at 7:39 a.m. Central time. The passenger told KHOU 11 the pilot blamed the accident on a faulty gear mechanism.

An airport official, however, said the plane suffered some kind of communication problem, and the pilot went off the taxiway while trying to go back to the terminal.

Roughly 70 passengers were on board at the time. They disembarked and took an airport shuttle back to the terminal. They were rescheduled to fly out on another flight a short time later.

An airport spokesman said the jet would be towed back to a hangar and inspected for damage before being put back into service.

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