BROCK The Brock High School girls won another state championship last weekend, their fifth in a row and eighth overall.

The boys team will play for a state title this weekend; if they win, it would be number three.

"Everyone kind of looked at Brock as the 'basketball school,' you know... that's all we're about," said Taylor Fulmer, a forward. "But it's really not. All the teams are so awesome and support each other."

Brock is more than a basketball school; it has become a championship school.

"In the interview to get the head coaching job, I had a board member ask me, 'Are you going to guarantee a state championship?'" recalled Chance Westmoreland, who just completed his second year as the head coach. "And I said, 'Well, I'm not going to guarantee it, but I can assure you we'll work hard and do things the right way.'"

In 2002, the girls basketball team won the school's first ever state championship in any team sport, and since then, 12 more have followed. Most are in basketball; other titles were for baseball, softball and volleyball.

"We were expected to come home with a victory," said guard Cora Jenkins. "And like other schools are like, 'Oh, we're lucky to be there.' And it's like, 'No, we have to win.'"

It's an exciting time in Brock. The new baseball and softball complexes opened this season, and the school's first-ever varsity football team begins play this fall.

"The new fields are ridiculous; they're so nice," said guard Braylee Flaska. "And football's a great addition, because everyone likes to watch football."

The gymnasium is running out of room for championship pictures and banners. It's a good problem to have.


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