A Highland Park man was arrested Thursday morning after he locked himself in a home and threatened a murder-suicide.

Charles MacDonald, 24, was pulled over by uniformed officers at Arroyo and Maple Ave. at about 1:45 a.m. According to a news release, he threatened police with a large knife and refused to exit the car. He then fled to a home about three miles away in the 5300 block of Waneta Dr. near Dallas Love-Field Airport.

According to an arrest report, officers suspected MacDonald was intoxicated.

He then barricaded himself in the back of the house and threatened to kill himself and a witness. The relationship with that individual is not clear and Dallas police have not returned a phone call requesting comment.

At 4 a.m., SWAT officers responded and forced MacDonald out with tear gas after about a two hour standoff. No one was injured, according to the release, and the witness declined to file criminal charges.

MacDonald has previous charges for driving while intoxicated, criminal mischief and possession of a prohibited weapon.

He was charged with evading arrest and is held at the Dallas County Jail on $3,500 bond.
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