DALLAS It s a love story 18 years in the making. Sort of.

"I always tell people we haven't really been married 18 years, we've been married 36 years.  Lots of people have 40 hours away from each other every day," Lynn Fellhauer said, "But we re together all the time."

James and Lynn Fellhauer aren t just husband and wife. They re business partners. The Fellhauers own The Graphic Edge, a printing shop in north Dallas.

Before teaming up 15 years ago, James and Lynn had separate jobs in the printing industry.  James worked in production. Lynn worked in sales.  She came up with the idea of opening a print shop of their own when she took on a new role mom.

"We were doing great. And, then we had our son, Lane, and I just hated being away from him every day. It killed me not to be home with him," Lynn said.

Lynn gave up a six-figure salary and her day-job independence to focus on family. And, with that decision, she faced sacrifice and struggle.

"We both worked during the day. We come home. Then, we put Lane into bed. When he went to bed, we would start printing," Lynn said.

The Graphic Edge s client list is impressive. From Frito Lay to the Super Bowl, the Fellhauers have reaped the rewards of taking a life-changing chance.

"Just the risk of jumping out there and deciding to do it, we felt like the work was there. The opportunity to do the work is there," James said.

The couple now has a thriving business one that keeps their family bonds strong.

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