HURST -- The Hurst police officer who swore profusely at a 17 year old while subduing him may be facing the end of his career with the department.

Officer Disraeli Arnold has been "indefinitely suspended" by the Hurst Police Department and has 10 days to appeal the ruling. Arnold is no longer receiving a paycheck from the department and no longer has his badge or service weapon.

On Nov. 20, 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez was with a friend in Bellaire Park. The friend shot video on his phone as Rodriguez was subdued by the first responding officer. Arnold arrived as backup he was caught sprinting into the frame, then cursing profusely while holding Rodriguez down.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, caused a public outroar calling for Arnold's suspension.

Rodriguez' family was surprised by the department's actions, but pleased with the result.

"I didn't expect it, to be truthful, no," said Linda Pope, Rodriguez' grandmother. "All I can say is, I don't want this to happen to somebody else."

The Hurst Police Department announced the results of the internal investigation against Officer Disraeli Arnold on Thursday. Investigators found the officer was disrespectful to a citizen, and used "indecent, profane, or harsh language in the performance of official duties and conducted himself in a manner which brought discredit to himself at the Hurst Police Department."

The investigation found Arnold did not, however, use an unreasonable amount of force during the arrest, as he thought the other officer was still trying to subdue the teen.

Rodriguez is still facing resisting arrest charges and has his first court appearance Monday.

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