I hated Bill Parcells coaching this team, but it s his line - and he was absolutely right - YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE.

The Cowboys give us the great theatre, the drama, the come from behind thrills. They tease us with the thought that maybe they are back. And then they lose on the biggest stage on their biggest night of the year... because they are an 8-8 team. Nothing more - nothing less.

And quarterback Tony Romo - does he survive this game? Does he get the huge contract extension? Why am I asking - Jerry Jones is still the general manager, so of course he does...

Now let me see if can say this so that it makes sense - I like Tony Romo. I think he s a good quarterback - but a good quarterback in a league dominated by great ones. And he carries the weight of playing for a franchise that has had great quarterbacks before. I think the parcells line applies to romo more than anyone else.

He can make the great plays... he can win some big games... but at the end of the night, and in this case the end of a season; YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE. And he s a veteran quarterback who threw 26 touchdown passes offset by 19 interceptions. And it was usually the receiver s fault....

His team loses to a rookie - A ROOKIE QUARTERBACK - who threw 20 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. How is it possible that a rookie quarterback can throw only 5 picks and the veteran Romo throws 19 ... are you $#@#@#!## kidding me?

A friend of mine gave me a great line - how many players does it take to throw an interception? 4... 1 to throw the ball and 3 receivers to blame! Now, that s funny. I don t care who you are - that s funny

Romo seems to refuse to learn a simple NFL fact... you can t make enough GREAT plays if you keep making BAD plays. You just can t. And every single time I think he has learned that, he proves that he hasn t.

Because at the end of the night, and the end of the season -- YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE!!!!

Damn you, Bill Parcells - you were right.

Dale Hansen

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