DALLAS Dallas Fire-Rescue dispatched a hazardous materials team to check on a truck that was leaking a fluid and emitting a brownish-orange smoke early Tuesday evening.

The situation was reported shortly after 5:30 at the Penske Truck Rental facility in the 10800 block of Goodnight Lane, just west of Interstate 35E in Northwest Dallas.

The ChemStation truck also bore markings indicating it has a carload of corrosive liquid. According to its website, ChemStation specializes in environmentally-friendly industrial cleaning chemicals.

Two Dallas Fire-Rescue personnel dressed in protective suits opened the rear door of the truck as the smoke could be seen drifting from the vehicle.

The leaking fluid was identified as a type of cleaning mixture containing nitric acid, investigators said. The chemical overheated, expanded, and began leaking from its container.

Ambulances were standing by as the immediate area was sealed off as a precaution, but no injuries were reported.

The company handling the chemical was called out to transfer the leaking acid into new containers.

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