FLOWER MOUND -- A North Texas community is lending a helping hand to a Flower Mound couple who has fallen on difficult times.

Both of them are disabled veterans who cannot work. Their house is getting a makeover, thanks to some caring strangers.

It's painting day at the Blinov's house.

Claude Blinov, who served in the Coast Guard, suffered a brain injury in Operation Desert Storm. His wife, Catherine, injured her back while on active duty in the Navy. They've struggled to make the needed repairs on their deteriorating house.

If you try to fix one small thing, two more things break, said the mother of two.

That's where volunteers come in. Since Tuesday, a small army of Flower Mound residents and businesses have been renovating the Blinov's house.

We thought, 'Wow, wouldn't it be something if we could change this family's life?' Hoffman said.

Come Monday, the family will have new doors, flooring, siding, bath tubs and toilets. The Blinov's children, 10-year-old Claude and seven-year-old Catherine, got a first look at their new and improved bedrooms.

It s amazing, just a miracle, Claude said.

Volunteers like Tarek Eldabaja have put in several hours a day working on the renovations.

Even though it's a little to me, it means so much to them, Eldabaja said. I'm helping them get back on their feet, building their house and painting it.

The Blinovs said they're grateful for their Flower Mound neighbors who cared enough to give them a fresh start.

I'm so overwhelmed, Mrs. Blinov said. I'm going to start crying. It's awesome.


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