DALLAS - It was an apartment complex in North Dallas where the crime spree began on St. Patrick's Day.

A young woman was carjacked, kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from an ATM. Minutes later, police believe 18-year-old Horace Jones Jr. and an accomplice shot and paralyzed Ryan Lusk.

This isn't Jones' first brush with the law. At just 18 years old, he's accused of robbing people at gun point in two other cases.

First last October, and again in January, when police say he carjacked and robbed another woman off Greenville Avenue.

He bragged about it to his neighbor.

He told me he went out there and held up a girl and took her to an ATM, David Aguirre said.

Police arrested Jones for that crime on January 19.

A Dallas police detective had 10 days to file a case against him, but filed it a day late.

So Jones was released without even having to post bond. The Dallas Police Department said the detective was busy with several other cases.

During that time, he miscalculated the day he had to file the case with the D.A, said Deputy Chief Brigitte Gassaway.

When Jones was released, he went back to his parents' home in Jubilee Park. Just two blocks away is where his victim lived.

For months he was free. She didn't know he was so close by.

But the Dallas Police Department isn't the only agency that may have dropped the ball.

The Dallas District Attorney's Office didn't inform the DPD Jones had been released, and it appears to have lost the case in the system.

Electronic records show they didn't file the case until this Wednesday. They also could have re-issued an arrest warrant for Jones, but didn't.

The suspect is the one who was responsible for what happened, and our prayers are with the family, said Deputy Chief Gassaway.

For Ryan Lusk it was a costly mistake. He'll never walk again.


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