SAN ANTONIO-- A 17-year-old teen is speaking out about nude photos being posted on Facebook. He claims he was added to a Facebook group page that amounted to an exchange of child pornography.

The teen says a few students have checked out of school as a result of being humiliated on a particular Facebook page allegedly set up for young people seeking revenge against ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

Sexting is already a big problem with teenagers, but this took it to a new level, said the student.

The student spoke to us on the condition we protect his identity.

Most of the pictures were high school students. I guess there were some that were 18 and up, but the majority of these people were high school students, he said.

The group page appears to have been set up by another student who claims tobe a junior at Reagan High School, but according to the Northeast ISD, no such student exists.

She was promoting this on her Facebook profile, you know, 'Come and join my group, put your ex boyfriends', girlfriends' on blast,' like they say, explained the teen.

The point of the postings: revenge.

The teensays what he feared the most was that someone might commit suicide over such revealing posts.

I mean, it's a humiliating thing to have your private information shared with 3,000 other people, he said.

A spokesperson for the North East ISD. said students are often reminded to protect their online image.

I do know that we have scholarship providers that research Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube, looking for students who may make that scholarship provider look foolish, said NEISD's Vic Garcia.

While it appears a serious crime has been committed, KENS5 could not confirm a law enforcement agency is actively investigating this particular incident.

In this day and age, you do not know who is watching, who is listening. The person who you're talking to may not be the person they claim to be, says Garcia.

Morality in Media, a group focused on opposing pornography and indecency, is leading what it calls, The War on Illegal Pornography.The groupsays, Illegal adult obscenity contributes to violence against women, addiction, harm to children, and sex trafficking.

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