LEWISVILLE The Bookstore Bistro is similar to what you might find at your neighborhood Starbucks (minus the high-priced coffee) and it's carefully placed in the library of Lewisville High School's Harmon campus.

There's almost a new person every day that I can talk to, said student Carter Wilson.

Like so many others, Carter comes here for lunch, and again before or after school to study.

I like the closer environment, being with all my friends, he said. It's not as loud, and it's more personal.

While the coffee shop approach is just a pilot right now. Lewisville school leaders say it s working so well, they hope to incorporate it in all schools by the fall.

This is the world we live in, explained librarian Deborah Lilly. We are meeting them where they are, here in the learning commons, where there is a lot more going on than checking out books. We're trying to meet those needs and meet kids where they learn.

And the students don't seem to even realize that learning is happening.

The coffee machine is awesome, said Huong Le. It's only a dollar!

By coming to the Bookstore Bistro, the library is just a step away and it becomes more hip to hang out and study together.

Then they find out it is a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere; it leads them usually out in the library where we want to see them, Lilly said.

The board votes on expanding the Bookstore Bistro to all five Lewisville ISD high schools in April. The project has a budget of about $50,000.

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