DALLAS -- For nine days, Lamar Odom has not been in the Mavericks lineup, and no oneseems to know where he is.

Craig Miller, talking on the Dunham and Miller show on KTCK Radio, put it this way: Lamar Odom s story is the most amazing, bizarre story of an individual athlete that we've had in this town in a long, long, long time.

One story is that he took a leave of absence so he could visit his ailing father in Los Angeles. But when his dad showed up on TMZ, that story didn't make sense anymore.

Yesterday I had a stomach virus, Joe Odom told a TMZ reporter. Last night he [Lamar] stayed with me all night.

Twice last summer, Odom endured personal tragedy. He lost a 24-year-old cousin, and later was a passenger in a car that collided with a motorcycle which struck a 15-year-old pedestrian who later died.

Odom's wife, Khloe Kardashian, wife was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night.

Lamar had a really tough summer, she said. He experienced a loss in his family. It was like I felt like everything was so down in our house.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said by e-mail that there is no situation, with Odom, and that he expects him back. Cuban said, he's got to figure things out, and that's what we're trying to help him do.

There are those who feel that Odom does not even want to be in Dallas.

The problem is he hates playing in Dallas, or maybe the bigger problem is, he wishes he were in LA, Craig Miller said. From the second he was dealt here, he's been moping around.

Dr. Gary Malone is a Mavericks season ticket-holder and a psychiatrist in Grapevine, and he's noticed a few things about Odom.

He will have to mend his fences to rejoin you for you to be able to trust him, Dr. Malone said. I think we were playing the Kings, I don't remember, and Lamar is down playing defense and he yawns. I've seen a lot of basketball games. I've never seen that before.

He's got a tough situation he's going through, said Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle. We're very supportive as a franchise, and we'll let you know Thursday where we are.

Odom's career scoring and rebound averages have dropped in half since he arrived in Dallas. It is not what the Mavericks expected in their quest to win another championship.


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