MCKINNEY - The McKinney Police Department released results of an internal investigation after it was accused of dropping the ball in the case of Dr. David Russell, a McKinney chiropractor now charged with sexually assaulting two teenage girls.

Back in November, officials at the department admitted mistakes were made during the initial process of the investigation, including not acting swiftly after receiving complaints against Russell.

Among those who came forward to authorities were two women who made complaints in February of 2011. The women expressed concern that young girls were being abused by the chiropractor. The women then went to Child Protective Services in July. However, it wasn't until October 12, 2011 that the McKinney Police Department began their investigation.

In the report sent out Friday, the department stated that the concerns over their actions taken in the case led them to look into whether earlier investigating could have created a potential for more evidence to be collected that could aid in the prosecution of Russell. It also stated that they did learn of another alleged assault that happened after the first complaint made in February.

The department stated that the internal investigation led to the creation of a protocol for a better communication system, including keeping up-to-date phone extension information.

One employee who was a focus of the investigation, communication specialist Michael Messner, resigned on July 11, so no action can be taken.The department said several others involved in the case have been disciplined and given access to help and counseling in an attempt to avoid such problems in the future.

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