PARKER COUNTY -- Jurors heard the defendant in the Parker County torture trial describe the details of his alleged actions in a recorded interrogation on Thursday.

Jeffrey Maxwell said he beat his 63-year-old former neighbor and hung her up with a device he made for skimming hogs.

He said he did feel bad about hurting her, but not until later.

His 63-year-old alleged victim also returned to the stand facing cross-examination from defense attorneys. On Wednesday she went through an emotional account of what she went through. She told the court about being chained, gagged, whipped, and locked in a coffin size closet.

The defense attorney on Thursday questioned her on whether she has told conflicting stories about what happened to her last year.

A Texas Ranger also testified and described for the jury the moment the victim ran out of Jeffrey Maxwell's house.

My first reaction after I recognized it was her, I saw bruises on her face and neck and I had an idea of what we needed to do, said Tony Bradford, Texas Ranger.

Bradford said they immediately handcuffed Maxwell.

Then he said they checked Maxwell s Corsicana house for any other victims. During that search for any other people in the house, he said they found torn and bloody underwear and other signs of sexual torture.

Prosecutors said the trial could continue into next week.

If convicted on the aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping charges, he could face life in prison.


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