RICHARDSON Richardson police are still trying to sort out the sequence of events that led to a fatal shooting at DART's Arapaho Center light rail station on Tuesday afternoon.

While police are not releasing any final reports, one survivor of the gunfire is talking to News 8.

Russell Weinstein of Dallas was on the way to his first day at a new job when he heard an argument on the station platform.

I heard somebody loudly say, 'I just want to go to my blanking destination, very loud.

He said the argument was between DART Police Officer Nikisha Manderson and Cory Jones. She was trying to get him to calm down; he was upset about an expired bus pass.

His back was to me, and the next thing I know I hear two 'pops,' Weinstein said, adding that he believes Jones shot the officer and Eric Johnson, another innocent passenger, who died at the scene.

With the two 'pops' I see a poor bystander behind the cop and to the right drop, and pretty much knew he was shot, Weinstein said.

He said he saw Officer Manderson shoot back.

She just rapid, opened fire... at least five shots. And I realized after the first shot, I'm directly in the line of fire, and the first or second shot... maybe the second shot... hit me in the shoulder, Weinstein said. I knew I was shot, and I just dropped to the ground.

Richardson police won't confirm who shot who, saying it is still too early in their investigation of the incident. But Weinstein maintains he is pretty clear about what happened.

I know she shot me because the gunman always had his back to me, he said. He shot the other bystander; he shot the cop; the cop shot me.

Weinstein said the officer made her way to him to see if he was okay. He said they later talked in the ambulance.

She had a vest on; she also had a dent in her notebook, so the notebook stopped the bullet, too, he said.

Weinstein said the shooting on the DART platform Tuesday afternoon happened so quickly that it still seems like a dream.

DART police said the entire incident was recorded on surveillance cameras.


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