DALLAS A church camp in Southwest Dallas could be forced to end therapy for children after thieves stole two horses.

Ten horses were put to pasture last Monday at Camp El Har. But when a camp worker returned the next morning, two sorrel quarter horse mares were missing.

Police have no idea who did it.

I want to see them in jail, locked up with handcuffs in their jail cell, said camper Isaiah Schaper.

Tiffany Gardner, who runs the camp, found fencing had been cut, and there was a trail leading through several properties to Spur 408.

Only the name tags of Zip and Blaze were left behind.

If I had found them out in the pasture injured or dead, it would have been better than this... then there would be closure, she said.

Seven-year-old rider Benjamin Thunderhawk lives with autism. Horse therapy improves his balance and communication skills, but his mother may soon have to look elsewhere.

On Thursday, two additional riding horses were pulled from the camp after its their owner learned about the theft.

That's forcing the church camp to postpone its classes indefinitely.

The nearest other occupational therapy, of course, is in Mansfield, and that's nearly 40 miles away, said Mary Thunderhawk, Benjamin's mom. I don't know if we could do that because it's so far away.

Volunteers with Stolen Horse International are putting up fliers with photos of the two missing horses.

I usually come here for lessons, said tearful camper Alissa Schmassmann. I'll be sad, because I don't have any horses to ride.


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