ARLINGTON - Arlington City Council Member Mel LeBlanc confirmed he was investigated for meth possession after police found the drug in his home last summer.

LeBlanc said a grand jury declined to indict him because he tested negative, and there was no proof the meth was his. He said he was no longer using at the time of the discovery, and that he could not explain why the meth was in his house.

The councilman admits he is an addict who relapsed and entered rehab last year.

He encourages other addicts to seek treatment.

I had almost 20 years of being clean and sober, LeBlanc said. And I was surprised myself when the compulsion and obsession and the craving to use came back. It was something I fought, and lost the battle.

Earlier this month, Arlington's city manager sent a memo to the council to notify them that LeBlanc had been investigated and cleared on drug charges. The memo was not made public.


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