Multiple missteps have plagued Gov. Rick Perry since his campaign for president began in August.

His hope was to be the standard bearer for social conservatives. However, a number of less than stellar debate performances and a series of gaffes seemed to douse all the sparks.

The best known trouble came in November, during a debate in which he said, The third agency of government I would do away with education, uh, the uh, commerce and let's see, I can't the third one I can't. Oops!

He told supporters he had, stepped in it, and they argued it was no worse than the 2008 mistake by then candidate Barack Obama when he talked of having visited 47 states with one left to go.

Perry joked about it all and consultants like Reggie Bashur called that the right approach. Making fun of it, making light of it for what it was, it was a miscue, said Bashur.

However, three weeks later, Perry had two more goofs. While speaking in New Hampshire he told his audience, Those of you who will be 21 by November the 12th. I ask for your support and your vote (laughter). Those of you, who won't be, just work harder.

The voting age dropped to 18-years-old, forty years ago and the next election is November 6 not the 12.

A day later there were other errors. He told Fox News about his preparations for the New Hampshire caucuses even though New Hampshire has a primary but no caucus.


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