DUBLIN, Texas - Keith Payne drove three hours from outside of Austin Thursday, arriving just in time to buy the last case of 10 ounce refillable bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper.

Right now, I'm happy just [for getting the case,] but overall I'm very disappointed with what happened and the way that it happened, Payne said.

And so, it seems, is everyone else.

Bob Fullerton drove four hours from Brownsboro to get his last taste of Dublin Dr Pepper.

I'm not real happy about it, Fullerton said. I think it's one of those things where it kind of shows that America really doesn't care about the old things and the old ways.

Factory owner Jeff Kloster, who sold his franchise to Dr Pepper Snapple Group, is trying to stay optimistic about the smaller brands he'll continue to bottle here. He's also staying busy, with huge demand Thursday.

I usually sell a pallet of drinks every other day, and I sold four in an hour and forty minutes [today,] Kloster said. There was a line out the door and down the sidewalk this morning.

Several people who came by Thursday brought in empty collector's bottles to take away full ones. Kloster said they are temporally out of those, but they will be receiving a shipment of eight ounce bottles and should have a supply through the weekend.


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