DALLAS (AP) - Experts said a minor earthquake rattled a section of Dallas near Love Field shortly after midnight Friday.

There were no reports of injuries and no sign of damage anywhere, but plenty of people in the Dallas are still talking about the earthquake that struck in North Dallas this morning.

The agency said the first quake happened Tuesday at 11:04 a.m., centered 11 miles north of Amarillo. That earthquake had a 2.8 magnitude. USGS said the quake was registered at 2.0 and was the second recorded earthquake this year in Texas.

The quake struck at exactly 12:11 a.m. Seismologists said it originated at 4922 Northwest Highway, right under the gated home of Jerry and Janet Stone. As they told News 8, they had no idea of the quake until News 8 told them. They said they were sound asleep.

A News 8 crew spotted what looked like a few fresh cracks in the couple's driveway, but Mrs. Stone said not so; they were there prior to the quake.

Mrs. Stone said she is no stranger to earthquakes, experiencing a serious one in Chile a couple of years ago. This time around, she can't believe she slept through it.

News 8 viewers started calling the newsroom just after the quake saying they felt the slight shaking. A woman from University Park was the first to call. Another caller said his couch moved a foot and a half.

About a half mile from the epicenter of the morning quake, near Northwest Highway and Midway, neighbors were buzzing about the news, surprised to hear the area experienced even the slightest of quakes.

Experts said an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.0 is likely to result in the leaves from the trees blowing around and water in ponds to ripple.

On the other hand, just two months ago, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck north of Oklahoma City. It was the state's worst ever reported earthquake and destroyed homes and left people injured.

There is still no word on whether a few other high-profile neighbors felt the quake in North Dallas. FormerPresident George W. Bush and his wife Laura live about three miles from the quake's epicenter. Mark Cuban lives about two miles away.


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