[Editor's note: The above video originally contained NFL footage that the league will not allow online for more than 24 hours. It has been replaced by a still graphic.]

DALLAS - Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd is charged with intent to distribute a large quantity of cocaine and marijuana. Hurd, who is still in custody, is expected to appear in court for a bond hearing, Friday. A federal judge will decidewhether to let him out on bond.

Sam stands ready to fight this and we are going to take it one step at a time, said Hurd's attorney, Brett Greenfield.

A Chicago radio station, citing a law enforcement source, says police have a list in the double digits of NFL players that bought drugs from Hurd.

Hurd played with the Cowboys from 2006 until last season. This season he plays for the Chicago, where he was arrested yesterday.

At an initial hearing Thursday in a Chicago federal court, Hurd appeared in handcuffs.

On his radio show today, former Cowboy Nate Newton, who served prison time for drug charges, questioned whether other players may be involved.

It s going to be a few players drug into it, he said. Not that he was selling them large quantities, but guys who were NFL users, NBA users. High-profile people go to high-profile people to buy their stuff. So, he probably going to drag [in] a few names.

Federal agents in the Dallas area, started investigating Hurd last summer.

In an arranged traffic stop, Dallas County Constables pulled over Hurd's car in July. An unnamed co-conspirator was driving at the time. Hurd was not inside car, but there was marijuana and $88,000 in cash inside.

After that, court records show Hurd and his co-conspirator began efforts to buy drugs from an undercover agent. The transactions were to happen at a Firestone location in Coppell.

Hurd did not have a face-to-face meeting with undercover agents until Wednesday at a Chicago Restaurant, when court records say he said he wanted to buy 5 to 10 kilos of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana each week. Documents show he walked out of the meeting with a kilo of cocaine and was immediately arrested.

The complaint says the drugs were to be sold in the Chicago area. Hurd told the undercover agent that his co-conspirator would handle most of the drug deals, but he would handle the higher-end deals.

The NFL tells News 8 is not aware of the list cited by the Chicago radio station, and is monitoring the investigation.


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