MCKINNEY -- McKinney Chiropractor David Russell was back in court on Thursday morning facing issues related to his bail.

Collin County prosecutors wanted his bail raised to $200,000. After listening to testimony State district Judge John Roach Jr. raised his bond from $25,000 to $100,000.

During the hearing a McKinney police detective testified that Russell s abuse started in 1995 and included 18 victims total. four are still being investigated, two are past the statute of limitation and eight others involve allegations of minor crimes of offensive touching.

Dr. Russell maintains his innocence in every aspect, in every instance and we stand by him, said Todd Shapiro, Russell's' Attorney. We believe in him. We believe in his position that none of this ever occurred, that he did not commit any sexual assaults.

Russell faces two counts of sexual abuse against children and two other counts of sexual abuse against adults.

The detective told the court that some victims were actually afraid of Russell. Several victims reportedly complained to the office manager and State Board of Chiropractor Examiners. One victim went to an attorney and four went to police about the matter.

During the hearing, it came out that Russell explained to some of his alleged victims what he was doing to them during the assaults. Many even commented that they felt safe and thought his actions were medically necessary.

The hearing revealed that Russell even wanted a relationship with one victim. He allegedly told that victim that he could trade her for a canoe or even be married.

The bond on the latest two charges involving adult victims was set by a visiting judge at $200,000.

Russell s attorney asked another Collin County judge to lower his bond to $25,000 for each charge. With the lower bond, Russell bailed out.

The district attorney s office asked the judge to raise the bond amount back up to $200,000. The D.A. s office is sighted the four charges against him as a reason to raise the bond amount. The prosecutors are also argued that his team was not present when the bonds were actually lowered.

Russell was arrested in the courtroom after the judge set his bond at $100,000. There are conditions to include the surrender of his passport, no travel outside of Collin County without permission, stay away from minors and no contact with the 18 possible victims.

Russell bonded out of jail just before 5 p.m.


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