HALTOMCITY - A dog came crawling out of the remains of a home the day after an explosion shook the Haltom City house.

The family of four that lives in the home, located in the 4900 block of Orien Street, was able to narrowly escape. However, they were unable to find their dog Diva. Wednesday afternoon, Diva came out as the homeowners returned. While she was a little dirty, she appeared happy to see her owner, who broke out in tears after seeing the dog.

Atmos crews were at the scene throughout late Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning and afternoon looking for the source of the gas leak.

A Haltom City fire chief said they have been unable to identify the ignition point of the explosion. While he said there was a gas and water heater on the side of the home where the explosion started, he said it appeared to have burned after the explosion.

Neighbors have been concerned about the possibility of gas leaks for some time. One resident said they smelled gas an hour before the explosion.

I looked around my house, said Jeff Sloan, a neighbor. I went around and smelled around his meter and my meter.

A homeowner who lives across the street said a gas leak in his area was repaired abut three months ago.

The gas company came out and poked holes all in the ground and found where the leak was and repaired it, said George Wood.

News 8 Investigates has discovered more than 16 fatalities statewide in home and workplace explosions since 2001, many in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The investigation helped spur the Railroad Commission to require the removal of more than two million gas couplings and service lines across Texas. That work is ongoing and could cost as much as a billion dollars..

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