MCKINNEY The McKinney Police Department has launched an internal investigation into how it reacted to allegations of child sexual assault against Dr. David Russell.

This action comes two days after News 8 revealed that two women had reported concerns about the McKinney chiropractor to police back in February.

In a statement released late Wednesday afternoon, the department acknowledged the need for an internal investigation after Carla Mullendore and Samantha Camarillo told police about Dr. Russell and failed to receive an appropriate response.

We are working expeditiously as possible to determine why they went unanswered, said Deputy Police Chief Scott Brewer.

The department said the women triedto file complaints as early as February 15 and followed up the next day with phone calls to the detectives, leaving detailed messages.

Mullendore contacted Child Protective Services five months later in July, who, in turn, e-mailed McKinney police about the allegations.

Yet, McKinney police say they didn't begin to investigate the allegations about Dr. David Russell until another phone call from the dance instructor on October 12.

I made several tries and several avenues, and every time I tried, I was blocked, Mullendore said.

The department's statement said no action was taken on their reports until this month, when the doctor was charged with sexually assaulting two girls, ages 13 and 16. An attorney for Russell rejected the sexual assault allegations.

Now that we are aware of this significant issue, we are working diligently to learn the details of what happened, said the statement signed by Deputy Chief Brewer.

News 8 has confirmed that Mullendore also contacted Child Protective Services about the allegations in July and CPS, in turn, contacted police to investigate Russell.

Because of the failure to respond, McKinney police are looking into why complaints from Mullendore and others went unanswered.

The police department promises swift action to find out what went wrong so similar circumstances do not happen in the future .

Dr. Russell remains free on bail.


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