GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry was pushing his jobs and tax plan in Iowa on Tuesday.

Speaking at the National Association of Manufacturers forum, Perry vowed to take a wrecking ball to the corporate tax code if he's elected president.

He also wants to reduce your income tax paperwork to a post card.

Your mortgage deduction, your charitable deduction, your local taxes deduction.... do that quick math, 20 percent, send it in, you're done, he said. I think Americans are looking for that simplicity.

The Texas governor promised to open up more land for the energy sector to create jobs. Perry said incentives for renewable and wind energy helped put people to work in Texas.

While Perry may take credit for the economic success of Texas, a new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll indicates that voters in his home state don't buy it.

Only one in five surveyed think Perry helped with the state's financial success. Sixty-five percent of people polled said factors like the oil and gas industry and the absence of a state income tax should get credit.

The other 14 percent surveyed said they didn't know.

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