DALLAS - Occupy Dallas protesters illegally camping at Pioneer Park in downtown Dallas have reached an agreement with the city to move after this coming weekend.

The city offered them an alternate site to continue their protest near Farmers Market and Dallas City Hall.

There were split opinions Thursday before the demonstrators decided whether they would take the offer.

History has always shown that compromise is the way to solutions, protester Reagan Clark told the crowd in the park. When you go to the middle, progress gets done.

Not all agreed.

We are bringing amenities to this place that it didn't have before, said another protester, Kooper Caraway. We are bringing the city money, by bringing in tourists here to see our movement. So I don't think that the city has any right to move us anywhere.

A federal judge was set to listen to arguments Friday as to whether the city can move protesters out since they did not meet city permit requirements. If the group would not need a permit to stay in the city's chosen location.

Some protesters said they have a First Amendment right to remain at Pioneer Park, where they have been for a week. The group refused to buy liability insurance to stay in the park.


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