DALLAS - Dallas police are now investigating if the fatal stabbing of a Dallas woman as she came home from church this week is related to another similar recent crime that occurred days earlier.

They are asking for the public's help in getting information about the perpetrator. Police said they need witnesses to come forward, and offered a $5,000 Crime Stopper reward to anyone who may have information in the murders.

Both victims were innocent and not involved in any kind of trouble. Additionally, they were both attacked as they came home.

50-year-old Shearl Bennett was stabbed multiple times Wednesday night as she returned home from church. 45-year-old Martin Coronado was stabbed six days earlier as he returned to his apartment on Mockingbird Lane, at around 5:30 a.m. The attacks were 11 miles apart.

The crimes were unusual because the suspect used a knife as a weapon.

It is unusual to have over a six-day period, two people stabbed to death, with very little suspect information and with robbery possibly being the motive, said Dallas Deputy Chief Craig Miller in a news conference.

Sources tell News 8 Bennett's purse was not found at the crime scene and Coronado may also have been robbed. Police have interviewed persons of interest, but right now they are looking for similarities in the crimes. Homicide has been working with detectives at several police stations around Dallas to see if they have other robbery suspects who may have used a knife.


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