A dramatic role reversal at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on Tuesday.

One Commissioner accusing another of questionable dealings is nothing new. But on Tuesday it was Commissioner John Wiley Price taking the offensive against Commissioner Maurine Dickey whom he accused of tax-dollar waste.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price pounced on fellow Commissioner Maurine Dickey over a more than $300,000 in state grant money, awarded through Dallas County, to a church friend of Dickey's.

Don Spies received $337,000 to start an affordable insurance plan for small businesses in Dallas County.

What is more, Spies was given free office space at Commissioner Dickey's offices in northwest Dallas.

According to federal tax forms, Spies company, North Texas Underinsured Healthcare Coalition spent $275,000 on salaries, office supplies and travel.

The rest, according to County Budget Director Ryan Brown, was spent on marketing and advertising.

Now, three years and $337,000 later, the plan has a total of 13 people enrolled.

Last month, Commissioner Dickey lectured Commissioner Price over missing satellite equipment.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Dickey was on the defensive.

Company CEO Don Spies, who was paid $137,000 in salary over two years told News 8 the following.

Absolutely we were not a success. I can understand people are disappointed. I had hope we could have gotten it off the ground.

Spies venture is being dissolved and Commissioner Dickey hopes to have those 13 insurance policies merged with a similar program based in central Texas.


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