ENNIS Ennis High School officials will answer questions Thursday about the arrest of one of the school's popular teachers.

Joshua Jaggears, 27, is charged with soliciting minors.

The Agriculture Science teacher resigned from Ennis High School last week after being arrested.
Sources tell News 8 he sent inappropriate e-mails or text messages to as many as 20 current and former students.

He was sending text messages to kids saying he wanted them to send him naked pictures because some girl want to see him, said Scott Threet, a long-time friend of Jaggears.

Threet traveled across the country with the ag teacher for events with the Future Farmers of America program.

Threet's son is also one of those claiming he was solicited.

I would love to sit down and talk to him and ask him what the hell is going on, Threet said.

Parents said they are concerned about how Ennis school officials handled the allegations.

District officials said they received a complaint on August 26, the same day they placed Jaggears on leave.

Instead of contacting the Ennis Police Department, school officials conducted an internal investigation, reaching out to current and former students.

District officials contacted Child Protective Services about the allegations on August 30 the same day a concerned citizen called Ennis police to complain about the issue.

School officials said they will answer questions about Jaggears' arrest and the district's handling of it this Thursday at Ennis High School.

They hope to present other information about the popular agricultural program he taught that has been impacted by his resignation.


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