SANGER - They've tried letters, emails, and lobbyists. But this month, a local school superintendent and his administrators found another way of expressing their feelings on funding cuts and standardized testing.

They dressed up like actors from the classic comedy show Hee Haw, and performed a sharp-witted satirical song aimed straight at Gov. Rick Perry.

It was Sanger ISD's convocation - a kind of comedy skit/pep-rally for staffers. No students are included. The past year had been a beating for educators, according to assistant superintendent Jackie McBroom.

Teachers are tired, principals are tired, McBroom said.

United Educators Association executive director Larry Shaw agreed.

Our schools just got cut by $4 billion, and the governor just left town, Shaw said.

With that in mind, McBroom along with superintendent Kent Crutsinger, IT director Chris Miller and deputy superintendent Eric Beam took to the stage to perform a song McBroom wrote.

I did not intend for it to be a political statement, said McBroom.

This was the chorus of the song:

Where, Rick Perry, are you tonight? Why did you leave us here all alone? You promised us funding for all Texas children; but then you heard 'White House' and -- pfft -- you were gone.

The audience of Sanger ISD teachers and staffers loved it, as did Shaw. He's one of hundreds viewers to see it on YouTube.

Governor Perry's spokesman did not respond to a request for comment, but previously released a statement saying:

Ensuring Texas remains a leader in job creation depends on the development of our workforce, and is imperative to Texas' future prosperity. In fact, since the 2000-2001 biennium, Texas has increased general revenue spending on public education by $11 billion. Every state agency and program was asked to tighten its belt this session, and the governor appreciates the Legislature's work to balance our budget without raising taxes, while preserving more than $6 billion in the state's Rainy Day Fund and protecting essential services.

McBroom made it clear his views do not necessarily represent those of the district, and said of Perry, I wish him well.

The video ends with a sing-a-long teachers joining in for the chorus. It s a tune likely to be around for months to come.


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