DALLAS There is new information about the murders of two children Dallas children.

Naim, 5, and his three-year-old brother Elijah were allegedly drowned by their father in a creek in south central Dallas on Monday.

Naim Rasool Muhammad was arrested by Dallas police after a manhunt.

Child Protective Services says Muhammad and the children's mother, Kametra Sampson, had a violent relationship.

We had actually been working with the mother for quite some time since January for a domestic violence incident with parents, said CPS spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales. We had been working with the family since then to try and make sure the children were safe.

On Sampson's Facebook page, she alludes to the trouble with Muhammad, saying: They never miss a good thing until it's gone or too late. Well, I'm moving forward and never looking back.

But Sampson had a difficult time severing ties with her violent boyfriend. CPS said she was supposed to keep the children away from their father, who showed no interest in working with the agency.

At the beginning of the case, he was incarcerated, Gonzales said. Of course, attempts are made to try and engage him, but we had very little luck with that.

Muhammad now sits in a Dallas jail cell charged with two counts of capital murder. His attorneys said he already regrets his actions.

This morning when I spoke to him, he broke down in tears several times, defense lawyer Mark Watson said. He's very remorseful. He feels miserable. He broke down and just sobbed.

It appears they are preparing an aggressive defense, possibly questioning whether Muhammad is sane.

I think there are going to be some issues that we are going to have to explore and resolve in order to see exactly what his mental state was not only during the offense, but in the hours leading up to the offense itself, defense attorney Paul Johnson said.

There was a third child involved in this case. CPS said it will have a hearing in 14 days to see if Muhammad's one-year-old baby who was shielded from harm Monday by his uncle should stay with the mother or removed from the home.


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