FORT WORTH It's nothing impressive right now; just an empty lot, strewn with rocks and garbage.

Not exactly where one would go for trendy cuisine, but Chris Kruger hopes to change that.

He envisions a food park with six or seven food trucks in the currently empty lot at 2506 Weisenberger St., just north of Montgomery Ward Plaza. The Fort Worth Board of Adjustment approved Kruger's idea this month.

Kruger, a Dallas attorney, said he hopes to have the lot ready for food trucks this fall.

We're going to clean everything up and make it look really nice, Kruger said. We've got a lot of work as far as that goes.

He and his wife visited Austin about a year ago and witnessed the popularity of food trucks in the area. There are about 1,000 food trucks in Austin and the surrounding county.

We noticed that in Austin, going back there a lot of the food trucks were starting to gravitate toward central areas, Kruger said.

So Kruger sought out a central area for his grand vision. He decided on the lot on Weisenberger Street because it was within walking distance of West 7th Street, but on a more industrial street.

It's a little bit away from some of the more established restaurants, so it shouldn't interfere too much with their businesses, Kruger said.

He envisions a park with benches, a sandbox for kids, and outdoor games like horseshoes.

Salsa Limon owner Milo Ramirez is considering joining the park. He started a Mexican street food truck near TCU last year.

At first, people were like, 'The Anglo consumer is not going to eat the tongue or the cow cheek,' which we call barbacoa, Ramirez said.

Those people were wrong.

The line for Salsa Limon's TCU location often stretches down the sidewalk. Kruger hopes to find other, similarly successful, international food options.

I think the ones I've tried in Dallas and Austin have been just as good as the food you would find in most restaurants, Kruger said.

Kruger hopes to have the park ready by fall, when the weather is inviting. During other months, he'll offer misters for the heat and heaters in the cold.


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