Q: As everyone knows Dale Hansen likes to wear outrages clothes during the Dallas Cowboy's training camp. Do you think he will ever stoop down to Craig Sager's level from TNT's Sports. And will you ask Pete if he will dress like Craig at his next Rough Rider baseball game
A: Pete should dress like Dale just for kicks! I'll mention it. As for Dale and Craig Sager, hmmm, not sure he'll ever get that loud of suits, but you never know!

Q: I enjoy watching you almost daily. A year or so ago you co-anchored the news with Brad Hawkins. How do you feel about the situation he was involved in at Flag Pole Hill? Do you stay in contact with Brad who now works for S/W airlines? He seems like a nice guy who was set up. I do miss the both of you together.
A: I do stay in contact with Brad, he is great. He loves his job at SW Airlines. He is a travel junkie and now gets to do a lot of it for free. As per Flag Pole Hill, I think it was wrong place, wrong time. That case is closed.

Q: This might be a strange question, but do you notice how often you move your hands and nod your head during the news? It drives me crazy. Is this you ever noticed? Am I just oversensitive to these things?
A: I do nod and move my hands, yes! Don't you? It's not natural to talk stiff as a board. I am a naturally expressive person, so it would be impossible for me, to stay still! Sorry if it bugs you!

Q: I have enjoyed the intense debate over the Federal budget. I have heard little about this and other controversies on the local news. Has WFAA ever considered more pointed commentary from a variety of perspectives? How about having local intellectuals from universities and; seminaries having a point-counterpoint segment? I would enjoy more blood on the floor during the news broadcasts.
A: This may be a good 30 minute segment, you are right. It's too much to do on a regular newscast, because it would eat up too much time. We do specials a lot. I will pitch the idea.

Q: Tropical Storm Emily broke up while passing over Haiti and ceased to be a tropical storm or even a depression. However, it's remnants are likely to form into a tropical storm over the next 48 hours. Would it still be Emily, or will it become Franklin since Emily does not exist anymore?
A: It would still be Emily. (I asked Steve to double check!)

Q: How is our current supply on water. We know to conserve on electricity, but should be worried about our water use?
A: Not good. We need to conserve both. Some cities are already starting water regulations, so you might as well start saving it now. In no time, you will be required to, if it doesn't rain!!!

Q: I didn't know personalities receive such generous amounts of vacation time. If I am not mistaken, he has been on vacation more time than he has worked this year. Is the station owner this generous with you?
A: Nope. I have normal vacation days like everyone else. But, we do comp a lot of time. If you work a holiday, or overtime, you can comp it. In this business, there is a lot of that. I comp up to 2 even 3 weeks some years. Also, keep in mind, while you are enjoying family on the holidays and maybe not watching the news, we are still working. This business is 24/7!

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