Q: Why does Pete always walk up to the camera when he is doing the weather. It makes him look larger and he covers up the weather map. We live in Palestine and Dallas is the only local weather we have on satellite. Please ask him if he would not cover up the map with his body.
A: I will let Pete know!

Q: I'm asking you as a fellow new mom... (I use that term liberally, because our babies are about a year old now!) How were you able to lose the baby weight so fast? I'm still struggling! There needs to be a segment for new moms on how to lose the baby weight; it's a pretty universal issue! Thanks!
A: It was awful, it's not fun at all losing the weight. I did weight training to burn off the fat, a lot of core classes at Exhale in Dallas, and I wrote down everything I ate to keep track of my intake. (I thought I was eating 1800 calories, until I wrote it down and found out it was near double that!!!) Good luck, and congrats on your almost one year old!

Q: Population of metroplex is 33% Hispanic. Why don't the weatherman throw in a little Spanish in their superb reporting. A simple phrase like caliente would suffice. It would thrill the Hispanics in your viewing area and the reporter may learn Spanish, if they don't already know. Gracias
A: Interesting point. First we'd have to teach them Spanish!

Q: A few days ago, you were wearing a darling black shrug that had some kind of metal or plastic trim all the way around the edges. It was super and looked wonderful. Where did you get it? I can't wear narrow straps or spaghetti straps because I have to wear a mastectomy bra and this would be perfect over so many things.
A: I got it at Dillard s, and hurry it is on sale NOW. Specifically, Dillard s at Northpark mall.

Q: Republican or Democrat? Christian? and if so, what denomination are you affiliated with. Without knowing your positions on the above - why is it that the media tends to lean hard left?
A: I am Christian, grew up Methodist. As for the political question, people think the media is far left, but you'd be surprised. In our newsroom, there is big mix of thoughts, which makes it great to battle out topics. I also think it depends on what state you live in, and if you are watching local or national news. I don't feel like local news is leftist, it is very balanced. If we give a democrat 30 seconds on TV, we make sure we give his or her counterpart the same. I cannot speak to the national news, as I am not part of it!

Q: I was wondering about Gary Cogil. He left to start his own movie company and was wondering how that worked out? Haven't seen or heard from him.
A: He works producing films now. He actually is above us at Victory Park. I don't know the name of the company, but he is loving it. He drops by often.

Q: Sorry to bother you with THIS QUESTION,however, I have a weather question !!!!??
How many days in a row have we been above normal? I know above 100 is now for 18 days(in a row) and I am just interested in how many in a row above the normal for the day temperature???
A: This is from Pete. Above normal temps, 28 days in a row

48 out of the last 49

91 out of the last 111

Q: I read in the Dallas Morning News this morning that Gary Reaves will be leaving WFAA. Aug 1 is his last day. I hope you will mention it on the air. Maybe have a sorry to see you go excerpt, show some of his work over the years. Another excellent reporter leaving.
A: He is amazing, I agree. His last day is Friday the 29th. He is one of the greatest storytellers around. His writing is as good as it gets. I know we're having a going away party for him, but I don't know about anything on air. I will ask management about that.

Q: Do you consider yourself primarily as a citizen of (a) Dallas (b) Texas (c) the South (d) the West (e) United States of America (f) the World ? How would you rank the remaining possibilities?
A: Dallas. As a local news reporter, I feel hyper local! Then Texas, the South, USA, the West, the world.

Q: Hey Shelly,
We live in Denton, and Channel 8 is OUR station. You guys are like extended family and when one of you is missing we worry about you. So,where is Dale? We've heard about the references to his being in 'the monestery'.Can you fill us in on how he is, where he is, and when he'll be back? We miss the big guy and hope that he's doing ok.
A: He is back now. He was on vacation. He takes off a long time because he works crazy weeks during football season.

Q: Where is Greg Field our weather man?
A: Just on vacation, don't worry!

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