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Check here through the day for updates on the Dallas Mavericks victory parade and celebration in downtown Dallas.

2:46p DART light rail is experiencing gridlock through it's downtown corridor. With all the extra trains operating on four lines (Blue, Red, Green and Orange), there is almost no spacing between trains and delays waiting for vehicular and other rail traffic. Additional delays result from pedestrians walking along the tracks south of Victory Station.

2:05p The Mavericks victory rally has just ended at the American Airlines Center. Now police and transit officials are preparing for another surge of traffic as the crowd of nearly 20,000 leaves the area.

1:56p Mavs owner Mark Cuban is introduced, and the crowd breaks into a spontaneous Thank You, Mark! chant. It's been 31 years for all of us here in Dallas and I know it's just as special for each of you as it is for me, Cuban said after shedding a tear or two. We got one, and we're going to keep on trying to get more, he promised. (WFAA)

1:35p It's been a journey; it's been amazing, J.J. Barea told the rally. I'm lucky to have the fans that we've got, appreciate everything you guys do for us. Barea also thanked his coaches and teammates before delivering a message in Spanish. (WFAA)

1:29p Mavs owner Mark Cuban grabs the microphone to lead the American Airlines Center crowd in Happy Birthday to Dirk Nowitzki. That was pretty sweet, Dirk said. (WFAA)

1:11p I have a year on my contract, so I plan on being back here, said Jason Kidd. We've already won this championship, so now we've got to go get that next championship. (WFAA)

1:08p The parade command center reports a total of 1,085 emergency calls to 911 between 7 a.m. and noon, with a peak of 279 calls in the 11 a.m. hour. (WFAA)

1:04p You're looking at the best basketball team on the planet, head coach Rick Carlyle told Mavericks fans at the American Airlines Center rally. And also, it's very clear now that we also have in our presence the very best basketball player on the planet, Dirk Nowitzki. Carlyle then led the crowd in a chant of M-V-P! (WFAA)

12:58p DART says streets along the parade route have now reopened and detoured buses are resuming their regular schedules. (WFAA)

12:53p The victory rally inside the American Airlines Center is just getting under way with the introduction of coaches and players. The arena is packed and the crowd is pumped. (WFAA)

12:45p Brian The Custodian Cardinal amused the crowd by coming out on an empty stage and using a carpet sweeper to tidy things up before the rally begins. (WFAA)

12:38p People waiting in the plaza outside the American Airlines Center are now being allowed inside the arena for the post-parade celebration, which was originally planned only to accommodate season ticket-holders. (Janet St. James, WFAA)

12:37p Police say parade barricades are coming down and normal traffic flow through downtown Dallas is being restored. (WFAA)

12:30p The Jefferson Street Viaduct has reopened to traffic, police say. (WFAA)

12:19p Huge crowds downtown are overwhelming DARTtrain platforms. There is concern that some fans are getting dangerously close to the tracks and passing trains as the exodus begins. DART representatives are on hand to answer questions, but there is a lack of information about what's happening with the Trinity Railway Express. DART says buses are available at Victory Station to take TRE passengers back to their stations if trains are not available. (WFAA)

12:11p Dirk Nowitzki tweets: Wow. That parade was insane. Best day of my life. Speechless. Mavs fans r the best in the world. Thanks everyone. We r the champions. (WFAA)

12:07p A 28-year veteran Dallas police officer gives this parade a Grade A because of the way it was organized. (Cynthia Izaguirre, WFAA)

12:00n The parade route south of Pacific Avenue is now being reopened to traffic, police say. Officials continue to urge pedestrians to avoid the area surrounding the American Airlines Center, which is closed off. (WFAA)

11:50a Dallas Fire-Rescue said paramedics have treated 70 people for mostly heat-related complaints along the parade route. At least six people were transported to area hospitals, but no patients were reported to be in critical condition. The crowd is now dispersing, so officials are hoping that the worst of the problem has now passed. (Janet St. James, WFAA)

11:27a Dirk Nowitzki leads fans in singing We are the Champions! (WFAA)

11:25a The Dallas Mavericks salute their fans from the balcony of the American Airlines Center. (WFAA)

11:21a Dallas police tell News 8 that the crowd at the beginning of the parade was very well behaved. (WFAA)

11:16a The parade has now ended at the American Airlines Center. (WFAA)

10:58a Dallas police warn that the plaza outside the American Airlines Center remains at capacity, and it remains closed to additional pedestrians. (WFAA)

10:49a The last float has passed by the WFAA's Young Street studio. Jason Terry, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd were on the last float. It is headed to Victory Plaza. (WFAA)

10:47a DART says additional Red and Blue Line trains along with Green Line trains will depart from Victory station following the parade. There will be buses to handle any overflow at the Victory and West End Stations. Buses at Victory will also be available for transport to the South and West Irving TRE stations. Buses at Union Station will provide service to the TRE CentrePort and Richland Hills stations. (WFAA)

10:34a Police say the end of the parade has just left the Dallas Convention Center. (WFAA)

10:16a The first unit of the parade features the Budweiser Clydesdales with Mavs legend Rolando Blackman. (WFAA)

10:14a Dallas Fire-Rescue says anyone suffering from heat exhaustion, heat stroke or dehydration should go to a cooling station, fire engine, aid station or find a police officer to direct them to those locations. (WFAA)

10:04a The parade has officially started from the Dallas Convention Center. It will travel along a 1.6-mile route to the American Airlines Center. (WFAA)

9:51a At least four people have been treated for heat exhaustion before the parade started. There are at least six ambulances at Victory Plaza on standby. There is concern about parade watchers not having enough water. (Janet St. James, WFAA)

9:48a It is probably one of the proudest and greatest moments of my life, this is something special, said Dirk Nowitzki as he prepared to get on a float for the parade. (Joe Trahan, WFAA)

9:40a Dallas Mavs players are at the Dallas Convention Center. They are preparing to get on the floats to start the parade in 20 minutes. Team owner Mark Cuban is texting and talking with his children as he gets off the team bus. I haven't made it down to cloud nine, I'm up on cloud 99, said Mark Cuban. Thank you (to the fans), we wouldn't be here without you. (Joe Trahan, WFAA)

9:39a Dallas police are bringing in more barricades at the end of the parade route. The crowd is larger than expected.(Rebecca Lopez, WFAA)

9:32a Actor Jamie Foxx will be part of the Mavericks victory parade. Shout out to Jason Terry. Shout out to Jason Kidd. And most of all Dirk Nowitzki who just hung in there man for all this time, put the team on his back and did what he needed to do, Foxx told News 8's Joe Trahan. The Dallas Mavericks played fantastic, man. They shut everybody down. (Joe Trahan, WFAA)

9:29a The Mavericks team buses have arrived downtown to huge applause from the waiting throngs. (WFAA)

9:28a DART's Victory Station has reopened, but police say Victory Plaza remains closed to pedestrians. (WFAA)

9:25a The Salvation Army will provide hydration stations for the Dallas Mavericks victory parade at three locations: DART Station at Victory Plaza, DART Station at West End, DART Station at Union Station. (WFAA)

9:23a Motorists are trapped on Market Street, blocked by the parade route at Young Street. (WFAA)

9:03a Media are being allowed inside the Convention Center to interview the players.(DPD)

8:53a The Jefferson Street Viaduct is being closed by Dallas police. (WFAA)

8:52a Dallas police SWAT teams and more patrol officers have been summoned to the end of the parade route for crowd control. (Rebecca Lopez, WFAA)

8:51a Dallas police say DART has closed Victory Station at the American Airlines Center. (WFAA)

8:48a Traffic at Market and Young streets in downtown Dallas is at a standstill, Dallas police report. (WFAA)

8:35a Dallas police say streets along the parade route are now being closed. (WFAA)

8:17a The T is now sending buses to Richland Hills Station to pick up overflow passengers from the TRE. (DART)

8:12a With more than 90 minutes to go before the Mavericks victory parade begins, Dallas police have closed Victory Plaza outside the American Airlines Center because it has reached capacity. (WFAA)

8:06a The TRE is having problems; trains leaving Tarrant County for Dallas are full. The T is dispatching buses to pick up customers at the Hurst/Bell and CentrePort/DFW Airport Stations. (DART)

7:41a Dallas police are already having to deal with Mavericks fans vying for good spots along the parade route. (Rebecca Lopez, WFAA)

7:40a An additional eastbound Trinity Railway Express train is leaving the T&P station in downtown Fort Worth at 7:55 a.m. Also, additional buses are being dispatched to DART's Bush Turnpike Station. (DART)

7:26a The parade forecast calls for temperatures climbing toward the upper 80s at 10 o'clock this morning, and the mercury will be in the low 90s by the time the parade is over. The afternoon high will be 100 degrees. (WFAAmeteorologist Greg Fields)

6:55a Parking lots are starting to fill up and streets are starting to get congested more than three horus before the start of the parade. Crowds are three and four deep at some spots along the parade route. (Gary Ultee in HD Chopper 8, WFAA)

651a Dallas police say all 22,000 feet (about 4 miles) of steel barricades have been erected along the parade route from City Hall to the American Airlines Center. There are 160 portable toilets along the way to serve a crowd that could swell to a quarter of a million people, according to estimates. (Shon Gables, WFAA)

6:30a No major accidents reported so far, but delays are growing close to downtown Dallas on all major freeway systems. (Alexa Conomos, WFAA)

6:14a We're going to show the world that Dallas can make sure that we can celebrate and we're prepared for our guests and we can enjoy the event in a very safe manner. (Pauline Medrano, Dallas City Council)

6:00a There are already hundreds of people outside the American Airlines Center. (Cynthia Izaguirre, WFAA)

5:27a Southbound DARTGreen Line train running more than 20 minutes late from the North Carrollton Station. (Walt Zwirko,

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